My Thoughts on the 2009 NBA Draft

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

After Derrick and Kris each gave their personal thoughts on the NBA draft, I guess it is my turn to chime in. Here are a few of my thoughts on last night's NBA draft in no particular order:

- Not only did the 2009 draft showcase some of the weakest talent in recent years, it was arguably one of the most boring.

- Speaking in terms of winners and losers, the biggest loser last night had to be Andy Katz for no other reason than its Andy Katz. I mean seriously could he have anymore grease in his hair. Jay Bilas was the biggest winner and looked disappointed he had to even respond to Jeff Van Gundy, Marc Jackson and Stu Scot. Who can blame him? Gotta love Jay!

- Was Hasheem Thabeet wearing a plastic suit? And following his interview, we all know he is blessed because he told us 4,000 times in 2 minutes.

- We can thank Stu Scot for pointing out to the world Memphis Grizzle's draft pick Demarrie Carroll has a liver disease. After that opening statement, Stu quickly reassured us he wouldn't need a transplant for several decades.

- How old is James Harden really?

- Austin Daye wore a sweater to show us he has bulked up. To my surprise, he still weighs 114 pounds.

- Tyler Hansbrough will be a bust in the NBA. He also might want to get his thyroid checked because his eyes look like there about to pop out of his head. What were the Pacers thinking?

- Ricky Rubio looks more like a Jonas brother than an NBA player. Rubio, cut your hair.

- The Minnesota Timberwolves had 47 first round picks and pick two point guards. Clearly they were prepared for the draft.

- Blake Griffin will be better in the NBA than his brother, Taylor.

- Gerald Henderson looks like his dad.

- Terrence Williams was going to a club after the draft based on the suit he was wearing.

- I think DeJuan Blair has had surgery on both knees. I'm just guessing. But he has never missed practice because of those knees.

- David Stern has not aged in 15 years.

- Will we actually see any player other than Blake Griffin in the NBA next year?

- That dude from Congo can jump.

- Johnny Flynn is hyper.

- I wish Brandon Jennings was still supporting the Kid-n-Play hairdo.

- Lastly, Jodie Meeks was a steal in the second round.

Just a few of my thoughts.


Several Have Asked...

and they will receive....the following post is a post that was made when this blog was first started and helped attracted several readers to our site...maybe we should make fun of Serena Williams a bit more these days! Enjoy..

The Ghetto Booty Queen

.....You can't photoshop that booty....

Serena Williams wants to write a screen play...

Yes, you read that right....after ripping the world's #1 tennis player, Dinara Safina, a new one in a recent ESPN article, Serena has now declared she wants to write a screen play.

I can see it now...

Tyler Perry approaches former Piston's center, Ben Wallace, about a current role...

He fails to tell Mr. Wallace what the role involves, but Wallace accepts on the spot, because his NBA career has diminished and, of course, its Tyler Perry..

Wallace then gets the screen play and realizes it's written by Serena Williams. Wallace is shocked (he had no idea Serena was multi-talented) and begins to read the script. The script details the life of a female tennis player, whom struggles with her weight and ridiculous taste in fashion. Wallace assumes he will be playing her off the court love interest. Wallace thinks to himself, "This could be a solid flick."

Wallace shows up for the first day of filming and then is informed...he is, ACTUALLY, playing the role of Serena.

Hey, it could work, right?

I think so!


Random thought about the draft...

Derrick did a fine job with the points he made about the draft, I just wanted to add something from last night that caught my attention. What is it Kris that is so important that you had make a post about it? Easy. The Cleveland Cavaliers. No, I'm not talking about this team from a basketball standpoint but instead a dancing one.

We have all seen Lebron dance and do his pregame shenanigans. The guy can dance plain and simple. To be 6'8 and 250+ pounds he looks pretty smooth on the dance floor. Just check out his insurance commericial dancing to Kid n' Play. The Cavs just traded for Shaquille O'neal who has also been known to tear it up. Who didn't love Shaq as a jabawakie?

Finally, after the Cavs drafted that guy from the Congo alkajdflkadjflka or whatever the team name was (Who by the way had a nasty looking dunk in his highlight video that looked to be shot at a local single A elementary game), the Cavs redemeed themself and drafted possibly the best dancer that also doubles as a basketball player. Danny Green is a dancing machine. I hope he makes the team and doesn't start just so I can see him do whatever it is he does before games that he calls dancing. I like to think the Cavs drafted him just because of his dancing ability and what he can add to their already dynamic pregame show.

Here is a home video on youtube, it takes awhile before he starts but it's the only one I could find that would let me post it.


A Few Thoughts on the NBA Draft....

After watching one of the most boring and talentless NBA drafts in recent memory, I decided to put together a few thoughts on some of the happenings.

-Hasheem Thabeet as the second pick in the draft is one of the most laughable things in NBA history. People do realize that Thabeet has less moves than a wheelchair basketball player, right? Seriously, he's Dasagna Diop with two extra inches. This pick has bust written all over it, but what else would we expect from the Memphis freakin' Grizzles.

-James Harden is one articulate dude. I was very, very impressed with his interview skills and he was rockin' a solid bowtie. I think he's a bit overrated talent wise, but he is a much better pick than the aforementioned Thabeet.

-Ok, seriously, I hope Minnesota plans on trading one of those picks. They're not stupid enough to try and keep two lottery point guards on the roster. Are they? I thought that kind of stupidity would leave Minneapolis with Kevin McHale. Ricky Rubio is a flashy point guard, though. I'm interested to see what kind of player that pre-pubescent teenager becomes in 2023.

-Jordan Hill has some ghetto flare to him...I liked him showing a little anger toward the idiots in the WAMU Theater.

-Seriously, Tyler Hansbrough at 13? SERIOUSLY?

-Apparently, they play basketball in Guadeloupe? Rodrigue Beaubois is a name I have never heard in my life...

-How does San Antonio continue to catch the luck of the Irish in the draft? Seriously, how does the man who beasted Hasheem Thabeet all season long get drafted 35 spots lower than him? Do scouts not realize that Blair put a 20-20 spot on that 7 foot 3 inch "reh-tard?"

-Derrick Brown from Xavier is my sleeper in this draft. That kid has as much athleticism as anyone in this draft and will be a solid contributor in the NBA.

-I told you guys Jodie would stay in the draft with a mid-to-late second round guarantee...and that's exactly what he got...

-What happened to Chase Buddinger? Wasn't he supposed to be a lottery pick after his freshman year? From lottery to a few picks away from Mr. Irrelevant. Ouch. Maybe he should just join the Olympic Volleyball team.

-Once again San Antonio got lucky and landed super scorer Jack McClinton. McClinton has the ability to be Eddie House-esque and will be a solid pick up for the Spurs.

-What are people thinking by passing on St. Mary's point guard, Patty Mills. This kid lit up international competition in the Olympics and is another late round steal!

and, finally...

-Stu Scott retire immediately. You're played out....Seriously, you're becoming the black version of Chris Berman, You don't want to be in the same boat as him, so just flip your life to the cool side of the retirement pillow and just go away.


Busy Today...

I don't have much time, but Bill Simmons draft diary is a great read...

While, it's about 18,000 words, he entertains as usual. Check it out..

More news later..