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>> Monday, June 29, 2009

The University of Kentucky Athletics Association filed a motion in federal court on Friday asking the court to dismiss former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie's complaint due to lack of personal jurisdiction or in the alternative transfer the cause to Kentucky. The question of personal jurisdiction focuses on whether minimum contacts exist between the UKAA and the forum so the suit against the defendant does not offend "traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice." (International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310 (1945). It is difficult to see how UK "purposefully availed" themselves with the forum state. The first interview between Barnhart and BCG occurred in Atlanta, not Texas.

The UKAA also claims BCG has sued the wrong entity because the University of Kentucky, not the UKAA, hired Gillispie and agreed to pay him.

On May 27, 2009, this joke of a coach sued the University of Kentucky Athletics Association in federal court in Dallas claiming breach of contract. The claim alleges UK never intended to sign him to a long term deal. How can this idiot claim UK did not intend to sign him to a contract when he rejected two proposed contracts offered by UK. The appropriate venue for this cause would seem to be in Kentucky because that is where the cause of action arose.

I hope UK fights this to the bitter end because BCG doesn't deserve anything from University of Kentucky!


The Basketball Conference...

ACC football has been a nationwide target of ridicule since the expansion with the former Big East brethren because of the lack of quality play and a dominant team. Florida State and Miami's downfall from the classified status of football power has had a tremendous impact on the conference's reputation, and not for the better. Virginia Tech has attempted to keep the ACC respectable and last season's Orange Bowl victory is one of the few quality victories the conference has garnered over the last several years and it appears VT will carry the torch once again.

Virginia Tech has the most talented and complete team within the conference and is followed by a struggling array of teams within both divisions. The conference is placing its hopes upon a FSU return to respectability and a manageable schedule will provide the Seminoles an opportunity to have a good season. Upcoming programs Georgia Tech, N.C. State and North Carolina all have the talent to compete for middle tier bowl games and the ability to give FSU and VT trouble during the regular seaon. If the conference wants to return to the status of football a power, they'll need the Miami's and Clemon's of the world to awaken from their slumber and leave the status of mediocrity in the past.

Season Predictions

1. Florida State
2. Wake Forest
3. N.C. State
4. Clemson
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

1. Virginia Tech
2. Georgia Tech
3. North Carolina
4. Miami (Fl)
5. Virginia
6. Duke

ACC Championship: Virginia Tech vs. Florida State

Eventual ACC Champion: Virginia Tech


Houston, we have a problem

According to Yahoo News, Yao Ming may be lost for the entire season next year and possibly longer. Yao has had chronic ankle problems for awhile now but last year he had 3 pins placed into the troublesome bone. Yao seemed to be back to normal until the playoffs this year in which he reinjured his foot.

The thing is Yao's ankle does not appear to be healing at all right now. Yao has underwent 4 surgeries in the past 3 years. It doesn't look good for the 7'6 center from China. It seems to just be a matter of time before his lower body breaks down even if he is able to overcome this latest injury.

Now the Rockets have to deal with the injury of Yao plus trying to decide what they are going to do with Tracy Mcgrady's expiring contract. He is on the books for 22 million in his final year and rumors were swirling that the Rockets were trying to unload him off on someone, but now that may change with the possible news of Yao not playing next season. Who do the Rockets have left to market? Ron Artest? give me a break. (no pun intended)


Wake Forest Demon Deacons...

Sorry, I couldn't find a single picture of an attractive female that attends Wake Forest...Seriously!

Jim Grobe has become something of a miracle man in Winston Salem. Wake Forest had been a downtrodden program, rotting in the lower depths of the ACC and in 2006 it all changed. Wake Forest, lead by Grobe and quarterback Riley Skinner, somehow managed to reach eleven wins. Miraculously, they weren't a one hit wonder and managed to win nine games in 2007 and finished with eight in 2008. Those kind of numbers are absurd at a school like Wake, where the stadium holds less than 35,000 people and has under 5,000 under graduate students. Grobe and Skinner hope to continue their winning ways at BB&T field this season but they have plenty of talent to replace at some key positions.

Skinner is a talented quarterback, whom has been a difference maker in his time at Wake and he returns in hopes of another bowl game appearance. The senior will be joined in the backfield by a trio of running backs who are all capable of putting yards in the scorebook. Kevin Harris, after a great performance in the bowl game, is expected to be the starter, but the return of 2007 ACC Rookie of the Year, Josh Adams, may change the depth chart. Skinner will have several targets to throw the ball to, including junior Marshall Williams and sophomore Devon Brown. They will have to replace the 81 receptions that Demir Boldin compiled last season, and they both have the talent to accomplish that task. The offensive line returns in tact but must improve on their shaky performance last season. While Wake possesses talent on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive unit took a massive hit from graduation.

The Demon Deacons had one of the most talented defensives in the country last season and that talent helped propel them to their eight win total. However, the losses of All-American Aaron Curry, Alphonso Smith and Stanley Arnoux will be tough for Wake to swallow. Wake must replace their entire linebacking unit and are relying on Matt Woodlief, Jonathan Jones, and Hunter Haynes to be their saving grace, but all three linebacker are unproven. The defensive line lost end Matt Robinson, but possesses veteran talent in the middle with Boo Robinson and John Russell at the tackle positions. The front seven needs to provide pressure upfront to take the heat off a defensive backfield that lost its best player, Alphonso Smith. Smith was a shutdown corner who provided leadership and a swagger to the defensive unit and replacing him will be a difficult task. Josh Bush and Brandon Ghee will attempt to replace that charismatic personality and talent, but once again, it remains to be seen if they are capable of shutting down the opponents passing game.

Grobe has relied upon unproven talent that his program has developed over the past several years, and this years recruiting class will be no different. Grobe landed the 64th ranked class in the country ( and the class is filled with undersized, but malleable athletes. Six foot, 196 pound linebacker Daniel Mack appears to be the perfect fit for Grobe's system and athlete Michal Campanaro provides a body that can be used at wide receiver or in the defensive backfield.

September 5th-Baylor-Win
September 12th-Stanford-Win
September 19th-Elon-Win
September 26th-Boston College-Win
October 3rd-N.C. State-Win
October 10th-Maryland-Win
October 17th-@Clemson-Loss
October 24th-@Navy-Win
October 31st-Miami(Fl)-Win
November 7th-@Georgia Tech-Loss
November 14th-Florida State-Loss
November 28th-@Duke-Win

Season Projection: 9-3 (5-3 ACC)


Not Only Does the SEC Dominate the BCS

The SEC dominates the list of hottest student bodies. They come in with a whopping 10 of the top 25.

I don't really see how Duke could be labeled as 30th...that'd have to be my only complaint. I mean seriously, have you ever seen the monstrosities that attend a Duke sporting event?

Other than that, its a pretty solid list. Not sure about Kansas over Kentucky, obviously this person has never been to Lexington during sorority rush week.

Check it.