Turf Toe Tuesday

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It seems as though community members in Owensboro, Kentucky have started an adult kickball league that grew out of various fundraising events. The Owensboro Parks and Recreation kickball league is in its 3rd season and gives coworkers from local businesses an opportunity to relive their childhood days in 7th grade P.E. We all remember playing kickball in 7th grade P.E. Everyone wanted to be on that one kids team. You know, the kid, his name was probably Roy or Chad, who was a little bigger than everyone else, had facial hair, a stain on his plain red shirt and wore jeans year round. He could kick a ball 4,000 yards and was still competing in 7th grade P.E. when you were in 8th grade.

So what does any of this have to do with Turf Toe? Well one of the team names in this particular kickball league has a team name of Turf Toe. I wonder if the mascot is a big toe? Currently, the kickball league is the only one in the region. The league is usually made up of 6 to 10 teams each playing 10 regular season games with a single elimination tournament. With team names such as Turf Toe, I look for more kickball leagues to develop throughout the nation. I mean I would certainly join a kickball league.


The PMB Branches Out!

The PMB is a national sports blog and we pride ourselves on bringing you the information in the quickest and most entertaining way possible. While we have our shticks with our daily humor, volleyball booty, turf toe and other random information...we try to bring you information that revolves all around the sports world.

While it's well known on this blog that a couple of us are Kentucky homers, we have tried to deter from flooding the blog with random Kentucky news. Well, we've created a solution for the homerism! We have now created a separate branch of The PMB specifically for our Kentucky news! The Avenue of Champions is the newest member of The PMB family of websites.

Hope all the Kentucky fans that have been known to frequent the site will visit the new site as well! Be patient with us at first, it will take about a week or so for me to get everything up and running.



Daily Dose Of Humor

This video has some rated R language, but is nonetheless funny.


Roy Halladay on the Move?

If you haven't noticed, we've kinda been putting off the inevitable baseball blog. The three of us usually don't follow baseball until the postseason (unless we wanna go to a game just for the beer and hot dogs), but I figured I'd go ahead and break the ice on the baseball avoidance.

Roy Halladay may very well be the best pitcher in the game today, and apparently the Blue Jays are willing to unload him if the price is right. Halladay has a no-trade clause that could deter several possible locations for the Jays, but you have to think he'd listen and be willing to pack his bags if the destination is a legitimate contender. Some logical destinations would be the Mets and Phillies, but don't be surprised to see their division rivals, the Yankees and Red Sox, attempt to get involved.

The Jays have reason to believe that Halladay will walk away from their franchise when he becomes a free agent in 2010 and it justifies their reasoning for a trade. Still, it has to be hard to part with someone who has been extremely loyal to a franchise that hasn't tasted the post season in over a decade, especially a pitcher that does nothing but win at an unbelievable clip.


Uhhhh..this isn't is awesome or anything

Okay so I had to post this link...this is the craziest shit I've ever saw. A guy by the name of B. Manley hitting some of the most unbelievable trick basketball shots ever put on the internet (Well of all the videos on the net I have seen anyways). They appear to be all legit too, you be the judge though. The link also has a bunch of porn pictures surrounding the video, so viewers be warned.

I personally like the idea of looking at naked chicks while watching some white boy hit some of the wettest jumpers I've ever saw. Be sure to check out the whole video, I'll warn you that it does kind of start out unimpressive, but believe me it does pick up.

Check it out here!


Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers football has come a long way since the hiring of Greg Chiano. When Schiano took over the program 9 years ago Rutgers was considered one of the worst BCS football programs in the country, but that has all changed over the last three seasons(3 bowl wins in 3 seasons). Most experts believed the days of Rutgers competing for the Big East championship were evaporated after the loss of Ray Rice, but Mike Teel and company, after a slow start, finished the season with a 5-2 conference record and an eventual Papajohns.com bowl victory.

However, Teel and his two favorite targets, Kenny Britt and Tiquan Underwood, are long gone and the offense will have to replace those talents to have another successful season. Teel compiled over 9,000 career passing yards and was the most successful quarterback in school history, but redshirt freshman D.C. Jefferson has the opportunity to become the successor to Teel. Jefferson was a top five quarterback coming out of high school and has talent for days. The 6'6, 240 pound quarterback has the arm to compete as a freshman in a wide-open Big East, but the question remains, does he have enough talent at the skill positions to translate into success? Jefferson has several talented running backs to hand the ball off too, including Kordell Young (550 yards) and Jourdan Brooks (516 yards). The backfield will see some nice holes with the entire offensive line returning in tact that will be lead by an All-Big East talent in left tackle Anthony Davis. With plenty of time to throw, Jefferson should have time to mesh with a young receiving core. Tim Brown (27 receptions) is the only returning wide receiver, and Julian Hayes will join him on the outside, but they lack serious depth at the position.

First year defensive coordinators Bob Fraser and Ed Pinkham return six regulars, but lose the majority of the playmakers. The defensive line will be lead by senior end George Johnson. Johnson has the talent to be a disruptive force on the outer edge and he will be joined by Alex Silvestro and Charlie Noonan on the line. The linebacking corps returns Ryan D'Imperio, an All- Big East performer, but he is the only proven playmaker on the unit. Antonio Lowery and Damaso Munoz will attempt to pick up the slack on the strong and weak sides, but they're both unproven talents. The defensive backfield is lead by a duo at the safety positions, Zaire Kitchen and Joe Lefeged, who are both proven at their positions and some of the best the Big East has to offer.

Increasing the talent level has been of the highest priority for Schiano and his staff since they've arrived in Piscataway and they continue to do a decent job. Rutgers hauled in the 38th ranked recruiting class according to Rivals.com and its headlined by one of the most touted recruits in school history. 6'4", 217 pound quarterback Tim Savage has the prototypical build that all coaches ask for at the quarterback position and he will be an impact player. Defensive tackle Antwan Lowery joins Savage in Piscataway and at 6'4", 335 pounds he is an imposing specimen as a young freshman.

September 7th-Cincinnati-Win
September 12th-Howard-Win
September 19th-Florida International-Win
September 26th-@Maryland-Win
October 3rd-Texas Southern-Win
October 16th-Pittsburgh-Loss
October 23rd-@Army-Win
October 31st-@UCONN-Win
November 12th-South Florida-Loss
November 21st-@Syracuse-Win
November 27th-@Louisville-Win
December 5th-West Virginia-Loss

Season Projection: 9-3 (5-2 Big East)


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