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>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

In honor of the UFC fight tonight, I figured a video from the greatest fighter of all, Reggie Warren Jr., was appropriate. Even Reggie has a soft side though, for the love of his life.

We all know that breaking up is a hard thing to go through, even for Reggie Warren Jr. Who is known to beat a ufc fighter's ass or two. Enjoy!

Warning! This has some pretty foul language, but you can't put a censor on love.


Saturday Spam Post!

What's up folks! Time for your weekly Saturday spam post!

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I'll be away from the computer most of the day today, so the website may be a little slower than a normal Saturday.

Have a good one,


First No-No of '09!

A no-hitter has been a very rare occurrence for the Giants franchise, and when recently demoted Jonathan Sanchez made his return to the starting rotation because of a Randy Johnson injury, most expected a subpar performance. Well, Sanchez went well beyond a subpar performance and threw the first no-hitter of the season and became the first Giant to throw a no-no since 1976.

The 26-year old Sanchez had been struggling all season (3-8) and was demoted to the bullpen for his poor performance, but his return sure was spectacular. Sanchez struck out 11, walked zero and if it wasn't for a defensive error by second baseman Juan Uribe we would be talking about a perfect game instead of a no-no. I'm sure Sanchez isn't buying him breakfast at the local IHOP this morning.

Congratulations to Jonathan Sanchez and his great performance!