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>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rodney Carrington is the man...


Bitches be Crazy!

It's starting to seem like athletes need to start running back ground check's on the women they bring into their lives. Boxer Arturo Gatti appears to have been murdered by his "jealous" Brazilian wife, Amanda Rodrigues and she is the only suspect in the murder case.

I don't know where Gatti and Steve McNair are meeting their women these days, obviously not at the Sunday church choir meeting! The best part of this whole story, Rodrigues spent ten hours in a room with a dead man and "claims" to have had zero idea that he was actually DEAD. I don't know about you, but if I'm chillin' in a hotel room with someone who hasn't spoken a word in over ten hours and you begin to smell something funky, I'm gonna wonder what exactly has happened.

Gatti finished his career with a 40-9 record and retired from the sport of boxing in 2007.


West Virginia Mountaineers...

The Mountaineers have entered the stratosphere of college football's elite, after averaging 11 wins and finishing in the top 10 in three of the past four seasons. Bill Stewart, the heir apparent to Rich Rodriguez, was expected to have a national title contender last season, but early season losses to the likes of ECU and Colorado derailed those grand expectations and lead to a 10-4 final record. Stewart must now attempt to replace one of the best college football players of all-time, Pat White, and rebuild one of the nations most potent offensive lines.

Jarrett Brown will attempt to replace Pat White and that will be no easy task. Brown is a dual-threat quarterback, similar to White, but lacks the big play ability and moxie that made White so great. However, Stewart will have the trusty legs of Noel Devine to help the contend for the Big-East title and a BCS berth. Devine rushed for 1289 yards last season and averaged an eye-popping 6.3 ypc. Many may remember Devine garnering fame VIA youtube and his high school highlight video, but Devine is a legit heisman candidate this year and will produce huge numbers, even if the offensive line is green. The Mountaineers possessed one of the best offensive lines in the country last year, but that talent has hit the trail running. Selvish Capers and Eric Jobe are the only two returning starters and they will be joined by Josh Jenkins, Don Barclay and Matt Timmerman on a re-tooled offensive line. The line needs to be keen in pass protection, because Brown will need time to get the ball to his receivers. Alric Arnett and Bradly Starks will attempt to dissipate the loss of All Big-East WR Jock Sanders(DUI Arrest) and take the pressure off a young receiving corps.

While the Mountaineers offense seemed to garner all the accolades last season, lead by Pat White, the defense was one of the best in the country. Jeff Casteel's unit ranked 11th in the country and was tops in the Big-East throughout the season. The defensive line will be anchored by All-Big East performer Scooter Berry and Chris Nield and Julian Miller will join them on the outside of the 3-4 scheme. The linebacking corps loss all conference performer Mortty Ivy and will attempt to replace him with Reed Williams, who is coming off extensive rehab following shoulder surgery. J.T. Thomas and Anthony Leonard will attempt to solidify the linebacking corps. The defensive backfield will be manned by Brandon Hogan and Keith Tandy at the cornerback positions and Sidney Glover and Boogie Allen will set up shop at the strong and free safety positions.

If WVU wants to remain among the countries top 15-20 programs they must continue to recruit with the best in the country. That isn't always an easy task, but Bill Stewart has managed to bring in another good class. WVU landed the 27th best class in the country, according to Rivals.com and its lead by quarterback Eugene Smith. Smith is a 6'3", 182 pound quarterback with a nice set of wheels and he should be a threat in the spread option offense. Junior College defensive end Tevita Finau has an opportunity to provide an immediate impact at the defensive end position. Finau is a 6'5", 275 pound defensive end who can be a disruptive force in the 3-4 scheme.

September 5th-Liberty-Win
September 12th-ECU-Win
September 19th-@Auburn-Loss
October 1st-Colorado-Win
October 10th-@Syracuse-Win
October 17th-Marshall-Win
October 24th-UCONN-Win
October 30th-@South Florida-Loss
November 7th-Louisville-Win
November 13th-@Cincinnati-Win
November 27th-Pittsburgh-Win
December 5th-@Rutgers-Win

Season Projection: 10-2 (6-1 Big East)


Syracuse "Orange"....

The Greg Robinson era of Syracuse football is something that fans and alumni of the program want to disappear. Robinson produced at 10-37 record over his tenure and left the program in shambles, but new coach and alum Doug Marrone hopes to quickly turn things around. Marrone, a former assistant for the New Orleans Saints, will not have much talent when he begins his rebuilding process this season.

Marrone's new offensive coordinator, Rob Spence, will have his work cut out for him on the offensive side of the ball. The SU offense struggled the majority of the last three 5 seasons, but they have some veteran talent to help ease the transition. Senior quarterback Cameron Dantley is one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the big east and threw for 11 touchdowns last season. Dantley's favorite target, and SU's most talented athlete, Mike Williams, returns from injury to resume his role at wide receiver for the Orange. Williams compiled 60 receptions in 2007, but was forced to sit out last season for academic reasons. Williams is joined at wide receiver by Lavar Lobdell and and Donte Davis, whom both have decent talent. Junior Delonte Carter returns for his junior season and hopes to return to the form from 2006 that earned him Sporting News Freshmen All-American honors. Carter will run behind an offensive line lead by Tucker Buambach.

Defensively SU has been putrid over the last several years and it doesn't appear an improvement is in sight. New defensive coordinator Scott Shafer has one talented and/or proven player, defensive tackle Arthur Jones. Jones is a disruptive force on the defensive line and has already established himself as one of the school's all-time greats. Jones will be joined by Jared Kimmell and his younger brother Chandler Jones on the defensive line. The linebacking corp is a veteran, but untalented group. Derrell Smith and Mike Mele will attempt to lead an improvement surge among the group. The defensive backfield is lead by Kevyn Scott and Nico Scott and are not among the best in the big east. Stopping the pass will continue to be a problem for this squad.

While, Marrone is attempting to improve the program, SU is still a long, long way from being a contender.

A general idea of how bad of shape this program is in is its recruiting prowess. The SU class is ranked 117 in the country according to Rivals.com. Yes, 117th. The only player worth mentioning is 6'6", 320 pound offensive tackle Andrew Tiller. Tiller has a college-ready body, but will need to work on his technique before he sees the field.

September 5th-Minnesota-Loss
September 12th-@Penn State-Loss
September 19th-Northwestern-Loss
September 26th-Maine-Win
October 3rd-South Florida-Loss
October 10th-West Virginia-Loss
October 24th-Akron-Win
October 31st-Cincinnati-Loss
November 7th-@Pittsburgh-Loss
November 14th-@Louisville-Loss
November 21st-Rutgers-Loss
November 28th-@UCONN-Loss

Season Projection: 2-10 (0-7)


Babe of the Day!!

Stacy Keibler! Damn she's fine!


Brock Lesnar's post fight interview ...

Bud Light don't currre !!!!


Brock Lesnar is a beast

Last night, I went to a friend's house to watch UFC 100. This is the first time I've actually sat down and watched a match since Royce Gracie was just choking mothers out left and right back in the 90's. It was hard not to like these fights back in the days before having rules and weight classes. It had kind of lost my interest after about the first 6 or 7 ppv fights. Needless to say, I had little expectation last night.

Well, I was wrong. This was one of the more enjoyable things I had watched in a long time. Granted, there were a handful of fights that were kind of slow paced and boring to watch, but there were two fights that really stood out and made the show for me.

The first consisted of Dan Henderson's old ass just coming in and knocking out the British fighter, Michael Bisping in the 2nd round. It seemed as if Bisping had the odds in his favor (I am totally just going off what my friends were saying about the two fighters pre fight, this may not be true at all). So after seeing clips of all the shit that Bisping talks, and the fact I think he was sponsored by Mark Echo, kind of had me cheering for him. Luckily for me, I didn't really give that much of a shit when he got knocked the f**k out by Henderson. I really appreciated the diving punch at the end after it was clear that Bisping had been already knocked out cold.

So this fight had my interest peaked even with nearly a fifth of Gentleman Jack in me, but the fight that really put me over the top though, was watching Brock Lesnar (the one fighter I was actually familiar with due to his days of WWE) and Frank Mir. I got tired of seeing the highlights of Mir making Lesnar tap which was possibly shown at least 53 times last night to hype the fight. When I looked at Lesnar and then at Mir, I coudn't figure out how in the world that Mir had beaten this monster.

Then the match began and it was obvious within the first 30 seconds of the fight that Mir had no chance this time. Lesnar completely dominated the match, which he should being he has 20 pounds and more reach than Mir. The best part of the whole fight came when they let Brock Lesnar on the mic after he had already talked shit to Mir and flipped off the crowd post fight. The guy then got on the mic and talked as if he was still a heel on a monday night wrestling show. He encouraged the crowd to boo him, talked about how Mir had a horseshoe up his ass the first fight but this time he took that horshoe out of it and beat him over the head with it. And my personal favorite, talked shit about bud light for not sponsoring him and decided he'll "climb on top of his wife." That is comedic gold, and for this, I now pledge my undying alligence to one Brock Lesnar.