Romo Gives Jessica the Boot...

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

Tony Romo has apparently gave the retarded blonde the boot. Tony, being the sly guy that he is, chose to dump her just a day prior to her 29th birthday. I'm assuming he chose the dumping date so he wouldn't have to worry about buying an extravagant birthday gift that someone of her self-perceived celebrity stature would require.

I can't decide if this was a good idea or not. Sure, she is on the verge of being mentally challenged and as annoying as a bad case of crabs, but she is still pretty smoking hott...I mean, remember this video?

Honestly, is Tony gonna find something better than that?

It's a slow news day, if you can't tell..


Daily Humor

Nothing exciting going on today so this should tide you all over. We have all seen the infamous video "Two Girls, One Cup." Well this guy decided to write a song about it. It's deep...enjoy!


The Big East...

The Big East has seen the likes of Louisville, South Florida and Pittsburgh attempt to rise to the forefront of the conference over the last several seasons to help join West Virginia in an attempt to change the mediocre perception of the conference. Many argue whether the conference is worthy of the BCS bid they receive, but they have shown the ability to be competitive and even win during their BCS match-ups. There are several teams in the conference whom have the ability, at least on paper, to put together a successful season and provide a tough matchup for another BCS team.

Pittsburgh, West Virginia and South Florida all have talent on both sides of the ball and appear to be the favorites to vie for the conference crown. The question is, which team can manage to beat the other two teams and remain unscathed within conference play.

1. Pittsburgh
1a. West Virginia
1b. South Florida
4. Rutgers
5. Cincinnati
7. Louisville
8. Syracuse


Babe of the Day!!

My personal favorite, Kellie Pickler!