Vick Reinstated ... Kinda!

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

NFL Commission Roger Goodell has reinstated Mr. PETA himself, Michael Vick, on a conditional basis. On Monday the NFL commissioner stated Vick could partake in regular season games as early as October. Vick has been reinstated with certain conditions. The ex-QB is immediately allowed to be a part of preseason practices, workouts, meetings and play in the final two preseason games as long as he can find a team to play for.

Once the NFL season is underway, Vick can be a part of all activities except games. Full reinstatement for Vick will not be considered by Goodell until October. I am personally just tired of reading and hearing about this story.


Never Woulda Thunk it, Marvin!

What is it with wide receivers and rambunctious behavior? We had heard the stories that "Starvin'" Marvin Harrison was wielding a gun and somebody got shot in the process, but it appeared that all the hoo-ha had dissipated and Marvin was in the clear, until now.

A Philadelphia man is now claiming to have seen Marvin pull the trigger, while holding two guns, If this story holds true, its a shame to see the future Hall-of-Famer putting himself in these kind of situations. We're used to believing that Marvin is the perfect teammate and a respectful individual off the field, but it seems he has put forth quite a facade, regarding his personal life.


Plax Gonna Get Served...

Plaxico Burress has never been mistaken for being an intelligent and reasonable human being, and his gun-carrying raucous in a NYC nightclub was a perfect example. While, Plax probably didn't expect to go all Cheddar Bob and shoot himself in the leg, the fact remains you don't go packin' into a crowded nightclub without dealing with the consequences.

The Manhattan DA is adamant on making sure Plax understands that consequences come from your actions. The DA is striving to make sure that Plax serves jail time for his stupidity, and, it appears, Plax seems to be willing to comply to those demands.

Plax supposedly agreed to spend a year in the pen in a form of a plea agreement, which shocked me and most likely shocked you, as well!

Have fun with the hooligans, Plaxico! I'm sure you'll fit right in!


Chubby of the Day!

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