Shaq Hosts Raw ...

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few of the highlights of Shaq hosting "Monday Night Raw" in Washington, D.C. After getting rejected by the White House, the new face of the Cleveland Cavaliers made his way over to the Verizon Center to tell the crowd "Lebron James says hello."


Bud Selig, it's Time to Man Up!

Commissioners in today's sports world seem to relish in their suspension power (i.e. Roger Goodell) and Bud Selig is no different than the rest of the power hungry dictators. Selig continues to punish one of the greatest players the game of baseball has ever seen, even a couple of decades later!

Sure, gambling on sports is a heinous offense, but it happens everyday and goes UNNOTICED. You think Pete Rose was the first or the last to ever bet on sports while playing? Doubtful. The man has apologized and omitted to his offenses and its time he has his statue bronzed and placed in its rightful location, Cooperstown.

Quit being a punk ass bitch, Bud. Man up. Let Pete in the damn Hall of Fame!


Thank You, Brett!

Brett Favre has slowly developed into the most annoying and most indecisive man in the sports world today, but all the hee-haw over Brett may finally be over! (the key word being may)

The coverage that Brett has received has had to be pleasant for him, but for the rest of us, its became a monotonous array of jibber jabber that we could give two shits about. The constant, "Should I play or should I retire?" charade that has become ridiculously played and tiring for us sports fans.

So, thank you Brett....let's hope this retirement is permanent!


Chubby of the Day!!

Man, shes smokin!