The PMB is Back on Track...

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

While Kris is off doing whatever the hell it is Kris does of the evenings and Gary is, well, being Gary...I figured I'd go ahead and let you shit heads know that football season has arrived and that The PMB is set to return to its regular scheduled programming as of tomorrow.

Sorry for the recent slowdown (I know we've apologized and apologized), but none of us are interested in a sport that a 6'1, 318 pound man who is in worse shape than your PMB bloggers is considered a "stud." I'd rather see Brett Favre's annoying mug on the television screen 24/7 than have to watch C.C. Sabathia's fat ass attempt to take a shutout into the 8th inning against the Kansas City Royals, and Gary and Kris feel the same way.

So, once again, thank you for your patience during the trying time of a sports fan's year and we hope that you'll enjoy all the new content that is set to come.