Beasley to Rehab...

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Beasley has apparently decided to check himself into an unidentified rehab hospital in Houston, Texas. This sounds like one of those Vince Young type of drop offs from college players who could do no wrong and score at will, to entering a league were all the players around them are as good if not better.

I'm bouncing back and forth on how to feel about this situation. I mean on one hand, I do feel sympathetic for the guy. He obviously is having some type of pscyhological and potential substance abuse issues going on in his life. BUT on the other hand, this kid is a millionaire and doing something he obviously has loved doing since a child. He is essentially living the dream that I and the other writers of this blog dreamed of doing our whole lives. Beasley needs to realize that he's not the biggest, tallest, fastest player anymore. This isn't highschool basketball or even college. This is the best of the best players in the world. So get your head straight and put in the hardwork that players such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, even your teammate Dwayne Wade have to get to where they are today.


The Fascination of Nascar?

As I spent the weekend, along with Kris, at a campsite at the Bristol raceway I am continually amazed by the atmosphere that surrounds a bunch of cars making left turns for four hours. As I sat around, took about ninety-seven jello shots and pounded several bourbon and cokes with my friends, the personalities that you get the pleasure of viewing at a nascar race blow a Tennessee football game out of the water!

I began to ponder if the majority of these individuals literally save all the money that they are given VIA my paycheck and buy them a nice looking Tony Stewart t-shirt and about 74 busch lights. Seriously, out of what hollow do these individuals plant their asses when they go home for the night?

I left the campsite one time to pick up a pack of smokes to with one of my buddies and I think I counted 327 mullets, 83 extreme back hair situations, 14 camel toes, 6 whale tails that would make a fat lady at the post office jealous and one lady who had a rat-tail that reached the back of her knees!

Honestly, if there is another place in America where you can see the things that roll dirty like they do at the Bristol Raceway, I'd be very, very interested to know exactly where that location resides!