A Sobering Experience...

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

Living in Southwest VA, it is almost an understood notion to be a Virginia Tech football fan. Well this guy is not. I actually cringe a little anytime I see the fall colors of orange and brown on a football jersey. Is it because I personally hate Frank Beamer's neck and the Hokies that bad or is it because those are just hideous colors for a college team? I think maybe it's a little of both.

While attending a cookout last night at Dirty Birds (Brrrrrrrrrr, there is your shout out for being a consistent reader Rico), I realized during the game that I had no passion cheering or booing either team in the contest. I honestly couldn't give a shit whether Alabama or Tech won the football game. I was actually more interested in firing up Guitar Hero 5 whenever the game went off. Which is sad since I am not even that big of a fan of Guitar Hero, but the actual football game was boring me, even though it was obviously an exciting game to everyone else in the room.

I've decided the real problem here is I have no passion about college football because I do not have any team to cheer for. I've been a diehard Duke basketball fan for circa 15 years now, but lets be real, their football program has been without for awhile now. I tip my cap to the Bluedevils yesterday for putting up an awesome effort against Richmond yesterday and playing them within 10 points at least.

So what does all of this pointless ranting mean? It means I am letting the 6 loyal readers (which includes the other 2 bloggers) of The PMB choose my college football team. I have tried to pick out another college to be loyal too, not named Duke and I have failed miserably. So I figure by letting the readers choose my team, then I will stick with it. I mean I am here to make the readers happy, well thats when I actually decide to sign in and post.

So with that being said, vote on the poll for which college football team you think I should pull for and I will give the team that wins my undying allegiance. Even if the only 3 votes come from fellow Bloggers Derrick and Gary, and possibly Varney or Jerry.

So be on the lookout for the poll that will be located on the right side of this post and cast your vote. There has to be at least 10 votes before I'll take this commitment serious.