Your Stereotypical Post Saturday Thoughts..

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woah, woah, woah....what's that noise? USC crashing to earth like Michael Moore's fat ass jumping off a diving board! Every year we get the same damn spill about this USC program. "This team has tons of NFL talent and should be a national title contender! They're the best of the best!" Yada, yada, FUCKING yada! Then, every year, we see the same exact thing! A Pete Carroll coached team choking against a subpar and mediocre Pac-10 program! Then the media goes into "bail out mode" and attempts to save this dirty ass program. How did they do that this week folks? Washington, yes WASHINGTON, has now made an appearance in the top 25! Pardon my french, but you have got to be fucking kidding me!

How about this ESPN....quit hyping the damned USC Pete Carrolls until after they play Idaho and avoid a narrow loss, because the rest of us are sick of hearing about it!

Enough of my rant, time for some more thoughts about the weekend!

---My Kentucky Wildcats tried to be slutty and let the dirty birds from the city of Louisville make them willingly grab their ankles in the third quarter yesterday. 3 turnovers in 4 offensive plays for an entire quarter isn't exactly the epitome of offensive efficiency, but a W is a W. Now onto the Tim Tebow's from Gainesville and the thought of being a 4 TD underdog. I just hope Tebow doesn't give one of his pre-game speeches before the game, because of their lackluster performance versus EwwTee.

---A little more SEC love....the SEC now boasts 4 teams in the top 7, including 3 of the 4 in the country, according to the AP poll. It's really becoming unfair for the rest of the country. I mean, Ole Miss is now sitting pretty as the #4 team in the country...OLE MISS. If they continue their rise up the ranks and teams like Auburn and Tennessee make their return to powerhouse statuses...they may as well just hand the Sears Trophy to the SEC Champion every season.

---Am I the only one not sold on Miami being worthy of the #9 ranking in the country? Sure, they've looked pretty good early in the season, and Mr. Harris has been a man at quarterback, but let's not anoint them as a classic "U" program just yet!

---Speaking of quarterbacks, Jake Locker may be the best player you've never seen play. If you get a chance this season, order up a weekend of the college gameday package and watch this kid roll. He's a Tim Tebow lite and does it without any talent around him!

---If you were up late, then you had a chance to watch the best game of the night! Georgia and Arkansas was an offensive shootout and Ryan Mallet and Joe Cox did their best Drew Brees imitation and put up some asinine numbers. Although, I still can't respect a man that looks like a sickly Jeff Garcia, Joe Cox looked like a respectable replacement for Matthew Stafford and his Bama Bangs last night.

---Good call on BYU, Herbie. Seriously, those stormin mormon's really looked like a BCS caliber squad against a mediocre FSU team. Seriously, they let Christian Ponder run through them like he was Charlie Ward in his prime. Pitfiul, pitful performance by the Cougs.

---I'd like to ask my main man, Andy Paul, what exactly Coach Stewart is attempting to do with the WVU program? 41 points to the Auburn Tigers? Don't tell me that Auburn is "that" improved this season. Sure, they're looking much better than Tommy Tuberville's attempt at the spread offense, but their quarterback still has an arm that only Kris would be proud of, and trust me, Kris' has an arm that only a 6 year old would yearn for. So, Andy Paul, what is going on up in Morgantown?

---Last, but not least, my weekly dig at my main man Charlie Weis. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Time to go enjoy some NFL Sunday Ticket and watch Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell continue to ruin a possible good season.