I'm A Man...I'M 40!

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

Well, I'm sure most of you enjoyed your college football weekend, while I was busy watching Tim Tebow make the Kentucky Wildcats look like they needed a Mike Gundy pre-game speech. Honestly, I'm starting to believe that Tebow circles the game against the Wildcats to begin his push towards the Heisman trophy. Last year it was a 63-5 shellacking in Gainesville and then the lovely 31 point first quarter this past weekend.

On a side note, UK was able to prove he was human by knocking Tebow the fuck out...

Normally, I wouldn't be cheering a hit that caused an injury, but since Tebow has been determined to have a full bill of health, I'll gladly say that it was nice to see Kentucky actually lay a lick that game...

Enough bullshit about a game that was out of reach before UK put on their cups...let's talk about the rest of the weekend.

--How terrible was Ole Miss on Thursday night? While I agree that USCjr. has a solid defense, Ole Miss looked like they were too busy trying to tap some sorority ass at a Wednesday night mixer. Jevan Snead and his ugly mug are now squarely out of the Heisman race.

--I admit I was wrong by believing that the Alabama Crimson Tide were a little over-rated coming into this season. Nick Saban is flat out getting the job done and the Tide are a real threat to a UF undefeated season when the SEC championship game rolls around.

--Another week comes and another Pac-10 "Power" gets embarrassed. Cal was slowly becoming a media darlin' and then they lay an egg that would make Charlie Weis proud! A 42-3 lambasting at the hands of Emilio Esteves lead Mighty Ducks of Oregon. Jahvid Best joins Jevan Snead in the wannabe Heisman line.

--Ah, the wonderful world of SWVA and the overhyping of Virginia Tech football is once again at an all-time high! They beat a grossly overrated Miami team and all of a sudden they're good enough to win the BCS championship (even though Bama ran roughshed over them and the score could have been much worse). Seriously, Tech fans, enjoy your Orange Bowl appearance against Cincy and quit thinking you can compete with the Florida's of the world. You aren't there, yet.

--Hello Boise, welcome to the party, once again. Boise State's #5 ranking is a very, very big deal because, with a favorable schedule, the boys who play on the blue turf are way ahead of the ranking curve for a BCS busting season. Boise State is most likely going to run the table and you will be seeing the Broncos and their trickery in the Fiesta Bowl.

--I want to personally thank the voters for embarrassing themselves by placing the Washington Huskies in the top 25 last week. They really proved their worth by getting derailed by the Stanford Cardinal. Seriously, quit voting teams in the top 25 because they beat USC. Its ridiculous.

Now time to go watch MNF...and listen to Ron Jaworswki break down all 147 snaps tonight. I'm looking forward to plenty of uses of the telestrator!