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>> Monday, October 19, 2009

Olivia Wilde, FTW.


Guess who's back...back again..

Well, I admit Derrick's post has inspired me to blog tonight and no not his thoughts on college football. It was 100% the picture of Megan Fox. Now I know you find yourself sitting there asking, Kris, how does Megan Fox inspire you to write a sports blog? To which I'll reply, "Who the hell cares? Just scroll down and keep looking at the picture..well after you thoroughly read this blog of course." I do have to throw props out at Derrick for the Mark Morrsion video though, totally ripped off my idea to bring the blog back in style. (Editor's Note: Derrick doesn't even have "Return of the Mack" on his's common knowledge that you can't get a party started without Mark Morrison) Then again, my poor ass doesn't even have an who am I to really judge with my 29.99$ mp3 player?

Okay, since this is a sports blog, I'll hit on a few topics as of late that has peaked my interest.

1st, of course, anyone that knows me, knows I have to brag on my Oakland Raiders for a couple of sentences. The Raiders played lights out yesterday (on defense that is). They are partly the inspiration behind this writting comeback. Now, I think about it, I don't think I have posted since the last time the Raiders won circa 4 weeks ago. I would go into specifics of how the Raiders were dialing up blitzes all afternoon and how that is not part of their normal man to man defense while rushing four d-linemen, but I doubt there are enough readers who actually care about the Raiders.

Next, Welcome back Tom Brady. I am glad you decided to prove a point yesterday and throw for 15 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter alone. My favorite part of all this, is the fact that you did it in a f*cking blizzard.

To rip off ESPN, I have got to hand out a big "C'mon Man" to Jim Zorn and the Washington Redskins. Is anyone else aware that every team the 'Skins have played have been 0 - whatever at the time? How pathetic can you get? To make matters worse, I hear word today that Jim Zorn has been stripped of his play calling duties? Way to give your head coach any type of credibiilty with the players Mr. Snyder. At least there are some teams that are more dysfunctional than the team in Oakland right now.

Speaking of falling off, what has happened to Mark Sanchez? This guy looked like the real deal the first three games of the season. Then all of a sudden, you lose to the Trent Edwards' lead Buffalo Bills? Oh thats right, Edwards went out sometime in the 2nd quarter. I honestly have no idea, who replaced him? I'm glad this is happening, I already can tell I hate Rex Ryan much like I hated his brother Rob. Oh and their dad, Buddy as well. For whatever reason, I have a personal vendetta against the whole Ryan family.

Finally, as I am sitting here typing, I just want to remind the world that I cannot stand Phillip Rivers. He is a whiny bitch. Wait not, he's not a bitch, he's a biatch. Yeah, I just took it gangsta on your ass Phillip. Would someone please tell me why he gets all the credit he gets? I find him to be mediocre at best. He just so happens to have so much talent around him, it makes him look adequate at best.