Terrence Jones, Stayin Home?

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terrence Jones, the 13th ranked recruit in the country (Rivals.com), has been flirting with the possibility of leaving the left coast, specifically for the friendly confines of Lexington, Kentucky.

However, stories are beginning to surface that lead one to believe that home is where his heart truly lies.

Jones, whom is considered a perfect fit for the DDMO offense, would thrive in a system such as Calipari's, but if the early reports hold true, Jones will remain close to home and choose one of the Pac-10 powers he has been considering.

Calipari and company better hope that C.J. Leslie decides to follow John Walls foot steps and head to Kentucky, or they're going to lose out on all of their primary big-man targets!



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Chubby of the Day...

Malin Akerman, FTW.


The King Could Save the Browns....

Lebron James in a Cleveland Browns uniform?

We all know it'll never happen, but Cleveland fans and even Mangenius can dream can't they?

Lebron is the most freakish athlete in the world right now, and the though of a 6'8", 250 pound TE with sub 4.5 speed running at you is a rather incredible thought, right? Oh wait. We already have that guys...his name? Vernon Davis!

So, lets stop all this crap about not ever seeing someone with Lebron's freakish nature on the football field. However, the thought of Lebron James lining up wide for the Browns is rather intriguing.

You think Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson could manage to get him the ball? I doubt it!