R.I.P Charlie! We'll Miss You and You're FUPA.

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, Charlie. It was fun.

You provided us with fat humor that only Mark Mangino and his ridiculous temper can rival.

Sure, you were an absolute disaster as the coach at Notre Dame, but that doesn't mean we won't miss you! Actually, it means we'll miss you much more! When Notre Dame is terrible, all is better in the world of the BCS and college football, and, with you at the helm, we didn't have to worry about them crashing the party.

I'm going to miss you, Charlie. I'm going to miss your extreme fatness. I'm going to miss your terrible sense of humor and I'm going to miss watching your husky ass squirm when posed an uncomfortable question regarding your future.

I'm assuming that South Bend restaurants are going to miss you, as well, Charlie. You have the look of a nervous eater, Charlie, and lord knows you've been nervous over the last several seasons. I hope Sorin's and Polito's can stay in business with your exit.

So, everybody raise your twinkie and/or oatmeal pie and let's have a toast to Charlie Weis.

Your fatness may never be seen again!