2010 MLB Season Preview: New York Mets

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

The best thing about the 2009 MLB season for the New York Mets was probably that it ended. Nothing seemed to go right for the Mets last year, and their results were severely disappointing. Now they are back they have added Jason Bay and Jose Reyes appears to be healthy and ready to become the most exciting player in baseball once again. There seems to be a lot of cautious optimism surrounding this team for 2010, and hopefully it is not a season long grind where the Mets cannot catch a break.

The first question that has to be answered is this, is Bay going to produce the power this team could not find in 2009? Think about it like this Daniel Murphy led the Mets last year with 12 home runs, 12. To put that into perspective 27 of the 30 MLB teams had at least four players hit 12 home runs. The Mets had one, and that simply will not do. With Reyes healthy and Bay in the lineup the Mets are certainly expected to do far better in the run production department this year.

It seems the key to a strong run by the Mets may just be Oliver Perez. Perez is a back of the rotation starter, but is owed 24 million over he next two seasons. He can be very productive, but a knee injury has hurt his velocity and some tendinitis has hurt his already questionable control. For the Mets to do well, Perez must be a force as the fourth starter.

Finally the Mets have to find a way to survive the absence of Carlos Beltran. When he as hurt last summer this team fell apart. He will miss at least the first month of the season, and the other 24 men on the Mets roster must step up and not allow them to get too far behind. If they can stay competitive till Beltran returns, they may have a shot at the National League Wild Card.

Here's what I think the lineup may look like:

1. CF Angel Pagan
2. 1B Daniel Murphy
3. SS Jose Reyes
4. 3B David Wright
5. LF Jason Bay
6. RF Jeff Francoeur
7. C Rod Barajas
8. 2B Luis Castillo
SP: Johan Santana
SP: Mike Pelfrey
SP: John Maine
SP: Oliver Perez
SP: Fernando Nieve

CP: Francisco Rodriguez