Ahh, What's That? Why, it's Your Bubble Bursting..

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You hear that?

Bubbles are beginning to burst all across the country, and it's time for The PMB's personal breakdown of bubble madness....

The ACC is a conference that is usually represented on the better side of the bubble, with many teams already locking their tournament position into place prior to the conference tournaments. However, 2010 has been much different than the norm. We've saw the struggles of 'Ol Roy Boy and his mediocre Tar Heels and a resurgence by Sweaty Gary and those Terrible Terrapins. There are four teams that are sitting squarely on the bubble, with several of those teams having bubbles on the verge of going "PLOP." Clemson, VA Tech, GT, and FSU are all in a position where they need to some late season wins to "solidify" their position within the tournament field, especially VA Tech. Tech made an early push during the beginning of conference play, but has fallen off as of late, including a heart-wrenching double OT loss to the aforementioned Terrapins. If the season ended today, my ACC bubble would have this image..

Clemson-Currently solidly on the better side of the bubble. Clemson sports an RPI of 27 and an (8-6) ACC record.

Georgia Tech,-Currently on the better side of the bubble. A decent RPI is currently saving the Yellow Jackets, but they cannot afford to falter down the stretch.

Florida State-Barely on the better side of the bubble. FSU needs to finish strong down the stretch to solidify their resume as an NCAA tournament team.

Virginia Tech-On the bad side of the bubble. VA Tech played a non-conference schedule that is as soft on the nose as aloe kleenex and the Hokies have struggled against RPI top-50 foes. The Hokies need a strong finish and an admirable performance in the ACC Tourney to find themselves in the tournament field.

Big East
Ahh, ESPN's love-child, the Big East conference. Since UNC and the ACC is suffering from a severely down year, by their standards, and ESPN had to apply a reach around somewhere, and the BIG EAST has been on the receiving end. A conference that was developed specifically as a basketball powerhouse, because of their short man syndrome when it comes to NCAA FB, has continued to excel this season. The middle of the pack schools within the conference are beating each other up on a daily basis and they have developed a bubble log-jam that would make an ADD suffering seven year old ecstatic. While the big east has 5 teams (Syracuse, WVU, Villanova, Georgetown & Pitt) that are solidly in the field, the middle of the pack teams are fighting for position every day of the week.

Louisville,- The offseason antics of The Slick One, Ricky P, have lingered into this season and struggles on the basketball court have been a result. The Cardinals have suffered from a bit of the Shutter Island disease, but it appears that they are firmly on the better side of the bubble. A winning big-east record and an upset of the Orangemen on their home floor have allowed the Cardinal's and their 12 fans to breathe a little bit easier.

Marquette,-The Wisconsin Dwayne Wade's were blistering out of the gate, struggled during the middle of the season, and have resumed their winning ways during the latter half of big east play. Marquette sits at 10-6 and currently are defeating the aforementioned Cardinals on ESPNU. A shaky RPI(49) keeps Marquette on the bubble, but a win tonight and they punch their ticket to the dance.

UCONN,-The dirtiest program in the NCAA was left for dead just a couple of weeks ago, but with the return of the Mafia Master, Jim Calhon, UCONN has returned to its winning ways. If UCONN performs well in the Big East tournament and doesn't falter down the stretch, their big wins and #2 SOS will land them in the tournament. Talk about a 10 seed that nobody would want to see!

Cincinnati,-Lance Stephenson and company are sitting on the bad side of the bubble and are in dire need of a couple of more victories to claim a ticket to the tournament. A (7-9) Big East record and some wins that were squandered with poor play down the stretch, leave Cincy in need of some serious wins and help to land in the dance.

Seton Hall,-If there is an uglier player in America than Jeremy Hazell, I haven't seen him. It's for that very reason I refuse to give The Hall any chance of landing in the dance. Well, and Eddie Griffin's dumbass used to don the Pirate's uniform. In all honesty, the Pirates need to finish the season without a loss and have a decent performance in their conference tourney. Chances of that happening? About 3.7%.

Notre Dame,-Remember when everyone thought Luke Harangody was the straw that stirred the Irish's coffee? Apparently, we were wrong in making that assumption. The Irish have looked their best with their "star" player sidelined with a knee injury (Two top-25 victories). However, they struggled the majority of the season and Harangody and company feasted on enough early season cupcakes to make Charlie Weis and his FUPA extremely proud, and need a strong showing (Semi's or better) in the conference tournament to feel comfortable about landing a bid.

Big Ten(11) and Big 12 bubble scenario's to come tomorrow!