AL East Predictions - The Playmakers vs. The Public

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the public has spoken. According to our recent poll, 46 % of the votes say the Boston Red Sox will win the AL East with a close second being the New York Yankees. Well guys, we completely agree with you! The Playmakers have chosen the AL East Division Champion and the order of finish for the rest of the division.

The Playmakers AL East Predictions:

1. Boston Red Sox - The Red Sox face questions despite their acquisition of Lackey, but do not hold their breath regarding age, which gives greater stability in the heart of the rotation and the slight edge over the Yankees.

2. New York Yankees - The Yankees brass hopes one will grab the fifth spot by the throat and develop into the big league pitcher the organization envisioned after seasons of inning limits and careful planning.

3. Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays are a few steps behind the Yankees in offense and can compete with the Red Sox with the bat, but it will be their pitching that will determine the fate of their season.

4. Toronto Blue Jays - The Jays may have the arms to compete in the division in the future (including top prospect Kyle Drabek), yet the staff needs another couple years of seasoning to topple the AL East.

5. Baltimore Orioles - The Orioles have far more questions than answers to compete in the AL East.