Big Red...I'm Sick of You...

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We get it, everyone. Cornell hasn't been here before. They're a cinderella story. It's David versus Goliath of epic proportions. Ivy League vs. The Apparent College for the Deaf, Dumb & Blind. Non-scholly "athletes" vs. Coach Cal's semi-professional one and done's.

The media has pitched every single stereotype possible in regards to this matchup. Well, I'm here to give you the truth.

Sure, Cornell is a good basketball team that is being hallowed as a team full of  players that are capable of graduating Magna Cum Laude from MIT, but did you know that the majority of the students at Cornell don't even fall under the "IVY LEAGUE Curriculum?" That's right, folks. Cornell is bottom off the barrel when it comes to Ivy League institutions, because only a certain portion of their students are actually enrolled in the ivy league curriculum.

That kid that can solve the rubix cube in under three minutes? Guess what? There are TONS of people around the country who can solve a rubix cube in that amount of time and it doesn't require an education from the esteemed "Cornell." Don't believe me? Check youtube.

Ah, Mark Coury. This one has really irked me. I'm guessing all of you have heard the whole, "Mark Coury started at Kentucky, but can't start at Cornell," argument by the media this week. Well, let me inform you of the truth of Mark Coury. Mark Coury is a pathetic basketball player that was used as motivational fodder by a coach that was constantly drunk on flaming Dr. Peppers and getting hummers outside of a steakhouse.  You know how much playing time those starts actually accumulated? Coury played until the first TV timeout and then never touched the floor again.

The best part about all the "media love" for Cornell? If you happened to catch the press conference today, they're now beginning to show an arrogance of a program that has been there before. A program that thinks they're honestly the better team. Let me inform you of one thing that the media is failing to tell you about in regards to this so-called "David vs. Goliath" match-up.

Kentucky is flat-out the better team. We're talking about a team that has 5 potential lottery picks THIS season on its roster. UK is loaded at every single position with an overwhelming amount of athleticism and talent that Cornell has yet to see this season. Sure, they played Kansas and Syracuse who are two great teams, but they're not as talented as this Wildcat bunch.  Kentucky plays a brand of defense that is suffocating  and will constantly pressure Cornell's shooters into rushed shots and poor looks.

Then, there is the pipe dream that Cornell will be able to guard this UK team straight-up. Really? You're going to play man-to-man defense with a white-out roster against John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe & Patrick Patterson? If thats the case, you better hope that you knock down 20 threes on the offensive end.

So, if you've been listening to all the media hype this week regarding the Big Red, let me remind you of one thing. This is a Wildcat team that strives on being the underdog, a team that strives on being hated. All of the media scrutiny is doing nothing but backing a rabid dog into the corner. A dog that has all the ability in the world to remove itself from that corner and destroy everything in its path. Remember that when you begin believing the hype that Cornell is going to control and dominate this match-up.

The only way the Big Red stops this Wildcat train is if the Wildcats stop themselves. Book it.