Enough is Enough..

>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm sick of the slobbering love-feast that occurs every time I have attempted to watch a Big 12 game this season. I'm sick of Brent giving Bobby the reach around and looking deep into his eyes every time that Sir Bobby thinks he has an epiphany that will change the basketball world.

I'm sick of the biggest malcontent in NCAA coaching history developing a "Holier than Thou" attitude in regards to any situation that happens on the basketball court. This is a guy who choked players, threw chairs, cussed media and had constant run-in's with fans on the Bloomington campus a the University of Indiana.

Does ESPN make us suffer through this ridiculousness just out of pure spite? Outside of Kansas fans, who doesn't feel the need to mute the verbal vomit that permeates from this duo's mouth during games? We've had petitions from Big 12 fans, constant complaints from fans of the game, and nothing is done?

Tell us ESPN, when will you take the opinions of your money-makers, your viewers, and actually make a decision that they will approve?

The Bobby Knight and Brent Mussberger tandem needs to be disbanded, and disbanded immediately. Will it happen? Doubtful.