Few Tidbits...

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

I had a big blogged plan for the upcoming championship week thats about to take place, but due to a major crash on I-79 and me sitting in a car for multiple hours, after already driving for 6...I think I'm going to have to postpone til tomorrow...With that, a few tidbits from today..

-Kentucky finished up and 18-0 Rupp Arena campaign and all but assured themselves a #1 seed with its victory over Florida.

-Northern Iowa landed a ticket to the big Dance with their victory over Wichita State in the MVC championship game. The victory by UNI has, most likely, left the MVC with one bid for the second straight season.

-Dustin Rumbaugh over at the KSR compound has a few nuggets about rumors swirling around a possible commitment at the UK-UF game today, and the smoke surrounding the Brandon Knight recruitment. Check it out, Rumbaugh is as good as it gets.

-The bubble is a flat out mess this season, and noone seems poised to step-up and seize the tickets that are being offered to the dance. Illinois was the latest to see their bubble burst with a 17 point setback at home versus Bo Ryan's Badgers.

I'll be back tomorrow with a fresh mind and a breakdown/schedule of the most exciting week of the year prior to the TRULY most exciting week of the year.