The John Wall Dance has Jumped the Shark...

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Every college basketball season, something ridiculous decides to pick up steam and we are lambasted with the aforementioned ridiculousness by the media and fans who have no idea when to let something die..

Let me preface by saying, John Wall is the man and more than a great basketball player. He's been nothing short of a model citizen and student since gracing the streets of basketball heaven, Lexington, Kentucky. However, the transition of the John Wall dance from humorous midnight madness gesture into a thing of national prominence has been ludicrous.

John Wall danced it, Kentucky fans mocked him from the Great Wall of China to the hillsides of Eastern Kentucky, albeit dressed in camo, and ESPN chronicled it, but the day that every wannabe rapper in Raleigh, North Carolina decided to turn it in to their claim to fame is the day I quit appreciating the John Wall Dance.

Say hello to a fella by the name of Cash..

and some group by the name of Troop 41.

When did you become bored with the John Wall Dance? What finally made you say, "Enough is enough?"