Once Gets a Pass! Twice? Time to Bust Some Ass...

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ben Roethlisberger and his ugly mug (pictured above)are staring to develop a very unattractive trend.

Big Ben has now been accused of sexually assaulting two different women, and the second accusation comes before he has even finished settling with the first lady he groped inappropriately.

Whether Big Ben is guilty or not, when is he going to mature into an actual 28 year old adult, and understand the ramifications of being a public figure? You're 28, Ben! It's time you quit hanging out in random college bars til 2:30 in the morning and trying to tag any girl that you spot spraying tequila shots out of her nose.

Steelers fan's, and their nature to ignore the obvious, can continue to pour excuses across the interweb about Big Ben's ignorance and scream "copy cat crime," but a pattern is developing, whether they like it or not.

*One other note regarding this story...ESPN's biased nature of not reporting this story until MUCH later than the rest of this nation's sports media is downright ridiculous. Apparently, they would have to catch Big Ben with their own cameras going Brittney Griner on a female up in the club before they even reported them as "Allegations."