The PMB's Beef With the Selection Committee..

>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow, its official, the selection committee has completely LOST their damn minds. Explain to me how Kansas and Kentucky, the supposed top two seeds in the tournament, were handed the toughest draws throughout this tournament? We got some beef with a few of the committee's decisions.

-How in god's name is Tennessee labeled as a six seed? This is a team that beat the two top seeded in the ENTIRE tournament! Sure, they got derailed by a buzz saw in the SEC tournament, but this is just ridiculous.

-How can Kansas land the second rated 2 seed when they are the # overall seed??? (You'll see a theme with the 2 seeds.)

-What exactly did Duke accomplish in the ACC tournament by squeaking by 3 seeds in the lower-half of the ACC bracket that warranted them jumping Syracuse for the #3 overall seed? Bias? I think so.

-Then Duke lands the LOWEST rated #2 seed overall? I'm calling it right now. The Baylor Bears win that bracket!

-Kentucky is somehow rewarded by being the #2 overall seed in the tournament by being handed WVU. WVU was the last team considered as a #1 seed and is just won the country's best conference tournament! However, to even approach that game, they have to beat Texas and their former #1 ranking! Tough draw for the Wildcats.

-I'm sorry, Utah State is not a better team than several teams that were left out. The Aggies could not beat Virginia Tech or Mississippi State. Hell, I think they'd struggle with Rhode Island.

I'm sure I'll have more bitching to do, as we break down each bracket individually throughout the week, but I'm still in shock at the ridiculous draw that Coach K and the Dukies received. He must suck a mean dick.

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Anonymous March 15, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

the media loves duke. plain and simple.