Scuttlebut from the McDonald's AA Game---Kentucky Centric

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The McDonald's All-American game practices tends to always lend us information on where the majority of the unsigned recruits are heading, and this year has been absolutely no different.

There has been much scuttlebutt in Columbus regarding the recruitment of Brandon Knight and the inevitable sentiment that he is bound for the blue and white of Kentucky. It has long been thought that Knight would join the recent lineage for great point guards that Coach Calipari has mentored, but it appears to be a virtual lock, at the moment. Jody Demling, a local lexington reporter, tweeted today that Knight had a freudian slip at the press conference. When posed a question regarding UK, Knight inadvertently referred to the Wildcats in the term of, "We." Great, great news for the Cats.

C.J. Leslie and Doron Lamb, both primary targets for the Cats were asked what they felt about the exodus of players at the University of Kentucky. Both players responded with the belief that five players will be leaving for the NBA draft, and, it appears, that information has been conveyed by Coach Cal. The five players assumed to be leaving would be Patterson, Cousins, Wall, Bledsoe and Orton. The first four players mentioned shouldn't surprise anyone, considering they're all projected as lottery picks. However, the news of Daniel Orton may surprise some. Orton, while extremely athletic, is still very raw, but we all know that the NBA drafts on potential, and Orton is loaded with potential.

With the possibility of the aforementioned players leaving the UK, Coach Cal will have plenty of free rides to throw around, and the assumption is Knight and Leslie will join Stacey Poole and Enes Kanter to form a top 3 class. Whether that class leaps to #1 may be based on the decisions of Terrence Jones & Terrence Ross. The duo are yearning for the opportunity to play at the same school, and Kentucky makes the most sense.

Terrence Jones is a dynamic prospect that is the perfect fit for the DDMO, and Ross would provide Kentucky with another outside threat to join Brandon Knight. 

Coach Calipari is at it again folks. The man leaves no stones unturned, and there is no reason to not expect an absolutely dynamite class this season.