Syracuse Limping into the Tournament..

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Syracuse and Kansas are heads and toes above all other teams in the country? That's the scuttlebutt that we've heard from the talking heads around the country over the past few weeks. Even after Syracuse's loss today and their prior loss to Louisville, the excuses have been flowing like Natural Light at a sorority mixer.

I agree that Syracuse is a talented team, but what exactly have they done to separate themselves from the rest of the pack? Was it that pre-season loss to LaMoyne College? How about getting swept in their season series by a Louisville team that is lucky to be in the big dance?

I'm now of the belief that barring Duke earning a #1 seed that Syracuse will be the first #1 to receive their exit pass in the big dance. Why, you may ask?

Sure, Boheim's zone defense is mesmerizing, if you listen to the blowhards at the World Wide Leader, but there's one problem with a zone defense. When a team is hitting shots and attacking a zone properly, you need to switch defense and play man-to-man with a passion. Syracuse does not have this ability. They live and die by their matchup zone defense, and when a team is hot from the outside, the 'Cuse are very, very beatable.

Example? Today versus Georgetown in the Big East Tournament. So, keep drinking the orange kool-aid, but remember when you're bracket is busted, you should have listened to me! :)