What 2 Watch Four: South Bracket-Week One.

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to the DUKE National Invitational Bracket. I am of the personal belief that Coach K and Kirk Singler picked out every single team that they wanted within their bracket, e-mailed it to the selection committee with naked pictures of themselves, and the offer of sexual favors. Since the selection committee is obviously made up of blowhard's, this offer was accepted and in return they received an absolute cake-walk to the Final Four.

The best part? I still think Baylor is the best team in this bracket! Onward.

1. DUKE vs. 16. Play-in game

Winthrop or Arkansas Pine-Bluff? Duke in a blowout.

8. California vs. 9. LOUISVILLE

California hasn't beaten a quality team all-season long, and were the least deserving eight seed in several years. Most people with a pulse had them planted squarely on the bubble, but the selection committee felt otherwise. The Bears will be playing a Louisville team that can take the best teams in the country to the wire, and has two victories over #1 seed, Syracuse. Louisville takes this game handily.

5. TEXAS A&M vs. 12. Utah State

Utah State's loss in the WAC championship cost a team that was more worthy of an at-large bid, a chance to dance. They're reward for losing in the WAC Championship? A beat down at the hands of one of the most physical teams in the Big 12. Texas A&M is a team that could make a run to the elite 8, and Utah State will not win this game.

4. Purdue vs. 13. SIENA

I'm sure I'm not the only one that watched Purdue struggle to reach double digits in the Big 10 semifinals. Purdue without Robbie Hummell is a piss-poor version of it's former self. They become stagnant on offense and will not have the fire power to hang with Ubiles and the Siena Saints. Siena has been a very dangerous team the last couple of seasons and they will provide Texas A&M a formidable opponent in round two.

6. Notre Dame vs. 11. OLD DOMINION

Notre Dame went on a tear towards the end of the season without Luke Harangody and applied a slow-down style of ball to turn their season around. They'll be facing a Monarch team that is a trendy pick coming into this tournament. ODU lacks the shooters that most mid-majors rely upon, but they have a strong front court that will give the Irish trouble. I'm of the belief that the IRISH are another over-seeded team in this bracket, and ODU will justify that thought with a victory in round one.

3. BAYLOR vs. 14. Sam Houston State

Baylor is the most athletic and dangerous team in the South bracket and with their size and athleticism provide a dangerous opponent for Villanova and Duke. SHSU has the shooters to keep this game close in the early moments, but Tweety Carter and company will begin to overwhelm SHSU as the game progresses.

7. RICHMOND vs. 10. St. Mary's

I don't even want to write about this game. I detest Omar Samhan that much! I am giving the Gael's a 0% chance of winning this game, because he is an absolute douche.

2. 'NOVA vs. 15. Robert Morris

I'm not a 'NOVA hater but how the hell are they worthy of a 2 seed? They're resume is barely better than Texas, whom was seeded as #8 in UK's bracket. 'NOVA struggled mightily down the stretch and lack a true interior presence. They have great guard play and Scottie Reynolds will lead them to an easy victory in round one, but it gets complicated after that.