Why Mess With A Good Thing...

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After weeks of speculation, in now appears inevitable, the NCAA will make another asinine decision regarding their college sports and athletes. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney is now of the belief that the expansion to a 96 team NCAA tournament is inevitable. 

We all know the reasoning behind this decision. Money. The NCAA is a greedy, hypocritical and ludicrous group of individuals, whom never has the best interests of its athletes or fans at heart. They have become an organization that is money hungry and more about profit than following their own rules. An organization that has lost its way. 

They attack certain programs (See UK & Alabama), are lenient with others (See UNC & Kansas) and let others downright break the rules and turn the other way (See Duke & USC & UCLA). Why? Politics and money.

They don't even allow the thought of an NCAA football playoff, because they're afraid of the money thats lost from a minor abolishment of a stupid bowl system to put it bluntly. We're forced to accept something known as the BCS and "accept" that as a true national champion, all to pad their pockets. 

Now they're going to water down one of the most exciting times of the year. A 96 team tournament provides us with more games. Sounds great, right? Except that its teams that have no business being in the NCAA tournament. We're talking about teams that go 4-12 in power conferences.

First they water down an already ridiculous bowl system and now they're ruining our NCAA tournament...what's on the agenda for the NCAA after this debacle? What can they possibly fuck up next? I'm anxious to see...