Recruiting Breakdown....

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

I want to start by saying I apologize for the lack of recent material. I'm still in the process of moving into a new house, and had to attend a concert in Elon, NC of all places this weekend. Couple those previous things with an incredibly busy month at work, and it cuts into my ability to knock out 4-5 posts a day. 

However, it was quite a weekend with Fat Phil winning the Masters. Will someone please tell Phil to get a haircut and a shirt that is bigger than the size smedium? Seriously, Phil, its obvious you haven't been P90xing. Your man boobs are comparable to a few of my beer guzzling friends, and we're tired of seeing them. 

Now, onto the good stuff..

Ah, signing week is upon us, and like Mr. Greg Doyel stated in his recent column on CBS Sports, its time to watch Calipari and Kentucky go to work. It appears that Coach Cal is in on every talented player that is left on the market, and its rare that you are hearing any other schools mentioned regarding the unsigned blue chippers. However, all these talented players can't sign with Kentucky, no matter how much playing time is available. Let's take a look at the unsigned players and where exactly we expect them to end up...

Brandon Knight- Knight is expected to make his decision this Wednesday and all signs are pointing towards the University of Kentucky. The Knight's have been very tight lipped during the entire recruitment process, but many believe that Knight was doing some heavy recruiting at the Hoops Summit with Mr. Terrence Jones.

Terrence Jones-Jones may be the most talented all-around talent on the market. A 6'9" lefty with a smooth stroke and an ability to get to the bucket, Jones is the complete package. Many have felt that Jones would love to stay on the West Coast and join Washington or Oregon. However, Calipari and the Cats have been putting the full court press on Terrence. I believe that Jones eventually signs with the Cats, which may lead C.J. Leslie elsewhere.

C.J. Leslie-The most athletic player in this class. Leslie is a freak of nature, albeit still a little raw. If you're looking for a player that will provide a team with 30 highlight reel dunks this season, Leslie is your man. He handles the rock well, and can step out and knock down an occasional jumper, but some question his work ethic and attitude. Leslie has long been thought to be a UK lean, but UK's recent love-fest with Terrence Jones may have soured Leslie. I believe the Cats sign Jones, and Leslie eventually re-commits to NC State. 

Josh Selby-Selby may be the best NBA prospect in this class and has an uncanny ability to get to the rim. However, Selby's recruitment has been ALL over the place, and there is a different rumor everyday regarding where Selby will eventually land. The one constant regarding Selby has been his love affair with the Jayhawks of Kansas and their coaching staff. He plans on announcing at the Jordan Classic, and many find it hard to believe that a NIKE based tournament would allow him to choose an Adidas school on their watch, but I believe thats what will happen. Selby will be playing in Lawrence this season.

Doron Lamb-Lamb and Selby both plan to announce at the Jordan game, and there have been wild rumors suggesting that Lamb and Selby want to play at the same school. However, Calipari turned up the heat on Lamb, and the need for a shooter is evident on the UK roster. Lamb appears to have been sold on that playing time, and it seems he is headed for the Bluegrass State.

Terrence Ross-Eligibility issues are a problem regarding Terrence Jones best pal. Many wonder whether he will actually be able to get qualified, but he has announced he will be making three visits in the following order, UK, Washington & Oklahoma. Ross and Jones have not been shy about their will to play together, and UK and Washington are the only similar schools that appear on their lists. Ross would have long been considered a back-up plan by the Cats, but with the numerous schollies opening up, and the potential departure of Darnell Dodson, Cal may have room for both. Ross makes the call for the Cats and joins Jones in Lexington.

So, as you can see, I'm of the belief that Calipari and company are about to land another epic recruiting class. With the aforementioned players, Calipari would field a roster that looks like so, next season.

Josh Harrellson-Sr.
Darius Miller-Jr.
DeAndre Liggins-Jr
Jon Hood-So.
Brandon Knight-Fr.
Terrence Jones-Fr.
Enes Kanter-Fr.
Stacey Poole-Fr.
Doron Lamb-Fr.
Terrence Ross-Fr. 

There is always the possibility Cal adds someone like Marcus Thornton or Chris Hill to attempt to fill out this class, or adds a couple of walk-ons to go along with this roster and save the schollies for what has the potential to be the best class ever in 2011. 

Then there is the rumors that Patrick Patterson has a desire to come back and attack the record books as a senior for the Cats. However it plays out, Cal will bring in the talent to keep the Big Blue Train rolling.