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>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Charles J. Weis cannot make enough appearances on The Playmakers.


That's How We Roll In Cuba...

This is why we cannot have a peaceful relationship with the country of Cuba. You plunk someone at their local rec park, or professional ball park (I'm not really sure what this stadium really houses) and they chase your ass with a bat.

The best part? Not a single teammate comes to the aid of the pitcher and he proceeds to run like a little punk bitch on the playground. Honestly, the best video I've seen in a long, long time!

With that in mind, for your protection I have linked the best weapon of defense I can find on amazon if you have a future trip to Cuba in the works.



Syracuse Limping into the Tournament..

Syracuse and Kansas are heads and toes above all other teams in the country? That's the scuttlebutt that we've heard from the talking heads around the country over the past few weeks. Even after Syracuse's loss today and their prior loss to Louisville, the excuses have been flowing like Natural Light at a sorority mixer.

I agree that Syracuse is a talented team, but what exactly have they done to separate themselves from the rest of the pack? Was it that pre-season loss to LaMoyne College? How about getting swept in their season series by a Louisville team that is lucky to be in the big dance?

I'm now of the belief that barring Duke earning a #1 seed that Syracuse will be the first #1 to receive their exit pass in the big dance. Why, you may ask?

Sure, Boheim's zone defense is mesmerizing, if you listen to the blowhards at the World Wide Leader, but there's one problem with a zone defense. When a team is hitting shots and attacking a zone properly, you need to switch defense and play man-to-man with a passion. Syracuse does not have this ability. They live and die by their matchup zone defense, and when a team is hot from the outside, the 'Cuse are very, very beatable.

Example? Today versus Georgetown in the Big East Tournament. So, keep drinking the orange kool-aid, but remember when you're bracket is busted, you should have listened to me! :)


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Where Does He End Up??

The recruitment of Brandon Knight has been followed closely over the last several years, while he has been lighting up the state of Florida's record books.

Knight, the most highly coveted recruit in the country, is an absolute scoring machine from the point guard position, who can fill it up from all over the floor. The moment Brandon steps on a college campus and assumes the role of floor leader, he'll make an immediate impact to whatever team he chooses to lead. Whom exactly will he choose? Well, the answer is slowly starting to permeate through the recruiting world.

More and more people involved within the recruitment of Knight are leaning towards Kentucky as the apparent destination. Adam Zagoria, of Zag's blog has several sources indicating that the number one recruit in the country has possibly already made his decision. This news should come as no surprise, considering Coach Calipari has suddenly developed into The Godfather of point guards.

For those of you whom haven't had the opportunity to watch Brandon Knight in action, here is a quick snippet of him in action.


Volleyball Booty of the Week Returns!!

When this blog first started, one of our most popular features was our ability to scour the web for the best pictures of Volleyball booty on the interwebs.

Since we've made our triumphant return to the blogosphere, we have yet to unleash that talent on the masses once again. Well, today it makes its return.

Welcome back, Volleyball Booty of the Week. We have missed you!


2010 MLB Season Preview: New York Mets

The best thing about the 2009 MLB season for the New York Mets was probably that it ended. Nothing seemed to go right for the Mets last year, and their results were severely disappointing. Now they are back they have added Jason Bay and Jose Reyes appears to be healthy and ready to become the most exciting player in baseball once again. There seems to be a lot of cautious optimism surrounding this team for 2010, and hopefully it is not a season long grind where the Mets cannot catch a break.

The first question that has to be answered is this, is Bay going to produce the power this team could not find in 2009? Think about it like this Daniel Murphy led the Mets last year with 12 home runs, 12. To put that into perspective 27 of the 30 MLB teams had at least four players hit 12 home runs. The Mets had one, and that simply will not do. With Reyes healthy and Bay in the lineup the Mets are certainly expected to do far better in the run production department this year.

It seems the key to a strong run by the Mets may just be Oliver Perez. Perez is a back of the rotation starter, but is owed 24 million over he next two seasons. He can be very productive, but a knee injury has hurt his velocity and some tendinitis has hurt his already questionable control. For the Mets to do well, Perez must be a force as the fourth starter.

Finally the Mets have to find a way to survive the absence of Carlos Beltran. When he as hurt last summer this team fell apart. He will miss at least the first month of the season, and the other 24 men on the Mets roster must step up and not allow them to get too far behind. If they can stay competitive till Beltran returns, they may have a shot at the National League Wild Card.

Here's what I think the lineup may look like:

1. CF Angel Pagan
2. 1B Daniel Murphy
3. SS Jose Reyes
4. 3B David Wright
5. LF Jason Bay
6. RF Jeff Francoeur
7. C Rod Barajas
8. 2B Luis Castillo
SP: Johan Santana
SP: Mike Pelfrey
SP: John Maine
SP: Oliver Perez
SP: Fernando Nieve

CP: Francisco Rodriguez


What's So Hard About the Wonderlic...

Every year we're bombarded with a listing of subpar Wonderlic test scores during the NFL combine season, and it continues to boggle the mind at how poorly these meat heads do on this exam.

This isn't an organic chemistry exam at 8:00 in the morning with a monotone, Jewish professor that we're talking about, folks. This is the kind of stuff that a high school freshman with full motor skills can score at least a 20 when taking this exam.

Don't believe me? Take a gander at an example Wonderlic exam.

Explain to me how Vince Young scored a whopping 6 on that exam? I don't want to hear the excuse that there was a problem with his first exam!

Other examples of brilliant minds gracing the football field...

Jeff George-10
Dan Marino-16
Donovan McNabb-14
David Irons-4

While the Wonderlic test doesn't determine NFL success in any form, it just makes me wonder what careers these people would have been forced to assume had they not been blessed with their god-given talents.

Where would we have been likely to run into the likes of Jeff George and David Irons had they not chosen the path of football? Burger King? Penzoil Quick and Lube?