UK Fans Think They Hate Tennessee?

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

"They low-down, they dirty, they some snitches."


Evan Turner, You Just Won Player of the Year..

The race for NPOY may have ended with a miraculous shot during this afternoon's festivities at the Big Ten Tournament.

It's widely been assumed that the race between John Wall and Evan Turner would be a down to the wire decision, but Turner's 40 foot heave to keep the Buckeyes alive, may have sewn up the Wooden Award for the versatile Turner.

My only question....What the hell is Jim Beilein thinking when he lets Turner receive a direct entry pass WITHOUT ANY defensive pressure?

Seriously. Can we say BRAIN FART!


Do People Tell You....

That you're not intimidating....

That you're a babyface....

That you don't strike fear into your opponents...

That you're a vagina....

There is one way to deter all the send them packin...

Put on your...SCHEYER FACE

Tell me that isn't intimidating!

If that look of determination and pure nastiness doesn't make you cower in fear as a 16 seed, I don't know what else does!


Friday Fluff....

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MLB: The Show '10 Review..

Remember when Super Bases Loaded 3 was considered state of the art? The fun that could be had with such a basic sports simulator boggles the mind when you see the features that "The Show" has thrown at us over the last several years.

The Show has and still remains to be the undisputed king of the baseball game industry. The 2k franchise has not reached the unmatched gameplay, realism and overall value that is garnered when purchasing a version of "The Show." As an avid fan, I was expecting great things from the 2010 version, but the moment I inserted the disc, my hopes were dashed.

Don't get me wrong, it is still a GREAT game, but the lack of improvements over the previous year's version, has left me wondering, "Why did I buy this game?" Sure the roster updates are great, but is it worth 60 bucks?

Before you purchase this game, realize that you're paying that amount of money for the ability to call the game from a catcher's perspective in the famed "Road to the Show," but that is one of the very few improvements. The graphics have been slightly improved, but overall, you're stuck with the 2009 version of the game.

The PMB's verdict? 7.0 out of 10.0


2010 MLB Season Preview: Florida Marlins

One team I really hate to write about is the Florida Marlins. The reason is not because of the team or the players. It's because they are the owners are NOTORIOUSLY CHEAP! The Florida Marlins signed a few free agents this off season; of course they signed them to Minor League contracts. They were forced to spend some money on a few players or risk running afoul of the MLBPA. However this is a team that features one of the best young roster in all baseball. National League Batting Champion Hanley Ramirez, Ace Josh Johnson, and reining National League rookie of the year Chris Coghlan are all on this club and they could be something special.

The main question, the Marlins have to answer is who will play the corners? Right now it looks like Jorge Cantu would play third, and Logan Morrison or Gaby Sanchez would man first. However it seems that there will be a healthy competition through out spring training to determine who will start April 5th against the New York Mets.

Next the Marlins must figure out if Cameron Maybin has finally arrived. It looks like the job in center is his to lose, and this is his second chance to win the starters job. In early 2009 the club put him out there but he struck out 31 times in 84 at bats and was sent down to Triple A ball. The Marlins are hoping he worked on his swing, and has better pitch recognition this time around.

The last thing to worry about is the age of the starting rotation. 27 year old Ricky Nolasco will be the senior member. In 2009, six different pitchers made at least 10 starts. This means they do not have a solid plan behind ace Johnson. This team needs to figure it out, or maybe make a deal for a veteran to mentor their young staff.

In the end the Marlins look to be a pretty good team on paper, but they are not a team ready to make a playoff run. Look for them to have a .500 record and build a little more for the future.
Here's what I think the lineup may look like:

1. LF Chris Coghlan

2. CF Cameron Maybin
3. SS Hanley Ramirez
4. 2B Dan Uggla
5. 3B Jorge Cantu
6. RF Cody Ross
7. C John Baker
8. 1B Gaby Sanchez

SP: Josh Johnson
SP: Ricky Nolasco
SP: Anibal Sanchez
SP: Sean West
SP: Chris Volstad

CP: Leo Nunez

Just throwing it out there....The Florida Marlins suck on MLB 2K10


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