NIT Brackets Released...

>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not that anyone really cares, but the NIT brackets have been released!

1.-Illinois vs 8.-Stony Brook
4.-Kent State vs. 5.-Tulsa
3.-Dayton vs. 6.-Illinois State
2.-Cincy vs. 7.-Weber State

1.-Arizona State vs. 8.-Jacksonville
4.-Seton Hall vs. 5.-Texas Tech
3.-Memphis vs. 6.-St. Johns
2.-Ole Miss vs. 7.-Troy

1.-Virginia Tech vs. 8.-Quinnipiac
4.-UCONN vs. 5.-NorthEastern
3.-Wichita State vs. 6.-Nevada
2.-Rhode Island vs. 7-Northwestern

1.-Mississippi State vs. 8.-Jackson State
4.-UNC vs. 5.-William & Mary
3.-South Florida vs. 6.-N.C. State
2.-UAB vs. 7.-Coastal Carolina


The PMB's Beef With the Selection Committee..

Wow, its official, the selection committee has completely LOST their damn minds. Explain to me how Kansas and Kentucky, the supposed top two seeds in the tournament, were handed the toughest draws throughout this tournament? We got some beef with a few of the committee's decisions.

-How in god's name is Tennessee labeled as a six seed? This is a team that beat the two top seeded in the ENTIRE tournament! Sure, they got derailed by a buzz saw in the SEC tournament, but this is just ridiculous.

-How can Kansas land the second rated 2 seed when they are the # overall seed??? (You'll see a theme with the 2 seeds.)

-What exactly did Duke accomplish in the ACC tournament by squeaking by 3 seeds in the lower-half of the ACC bracket that warranted them jumping Syracuse for the #3 overall seed? Bias? I think so.

-Then Duke lands the LOWEST rated #2 seed overall? I'm calling it right now. The Baylor Bears win that bracket!

-Kentucky is somehow rewarded by being the #2 overall seed in the tournament by being handed WVU. WVU was the last team considered as a #1 seed and is just won the country's best conference tournament! However, to even approach that game, they have to beat Texas and their former #1 ranking! Tough draw for the Wildcats.

-I'm sorry, Utah State is not a better team than several teams that were left out. The Aggies could not beat Virginia Tech or Mississippi State. Hell, I think they'd struggle with Rhode Island.

I'm sure I'll have more bitching to do, as we break down each bracket individually throughout the week, but I'm still in shock at the ridiculous draw that Coach K and the Dukies received. He must suck a mean dick.

Get in on our bracket challenge! Winner gets a t-shirt from the store!


2010 MLB Season Preview: Minnesota Twins

It’s kind of hard to imagine that just a few seasons ago the Twins were a candidate for contraction. Now in 2010 they open a new ball park. Of course giving up the confines of the Homer Dome is one of the big questions facing this team, which will feel like they are in limbo until they can get catcher Joe Mauer’s autograph on a big phat contract extension. They have Mauer for this year, and they might have to make a serious run at a title to keep him.

I cannot believe that they are going to play baseball outside in Minnesota in early April, or late fall. The Twins have given up one of their key advantages, they knew how to play in the dome and hit very well there. I cannot imagine, balls flying out of the new park in frigid air like they did in the dome.

While we wait for Mauer to re-up with this team, Twins fans have more anxiety over pitcher Francisco Liriano. Will he be back? Will he resemble the pitcher he was in 2006? He did put on a clinic in Winter Ball, but he was terrible last year and the Twins may need his arm to be considered legitimate World Series contenders.

The last concern for Twins fans is whether or not their bull pen is an elite unit? Closer Joe Nathan struggled late in 2009, and recently suffered a possible season-ending injury last week during a Spring Training game. Two other pitchers in the Twins bullpen are also recovering from off season surgery. However they do have late season edition Jon Rauch for the entire 2010 campaign.
Projected lineup

1. CF Denard Span
2. 2B Orlando Hudson
3. C Joe Mauer
4. 1B Justin Morneau
5. RF Michael Cuddyer
6. DH Jason Kubel
7. LF Delmon Young
8. SS J.J. Hardy
9. 3B Brendan Harris

SP: Scott Baker
SP: Carl Pavano
SP: Nick Blackburn
SP: Kevin Slowey
SP: Francisco Liriano

CP: Jon Rauch or Matt Guerrier (Pending Joe Nathan injury)


Chubby of the Day: Mila Kunis

Sure, shes the voice of the most hideous cartoon character on television, Meg Griffin, but that doesn't mean she's not worthy of Chubby of the Day.


Selection Sunday aka Heaven On Earth

Ah, the day has finally arrived. We are just seven short hours away from finding out the destinies of 65 teams and their path to super-stardom come March.

65 teams, one goal. A national championship is within their sights. What 12 seed is going to earn that matchup that will eventually turn into the usual 12-5 upset? What #1 seed is going to be handed a path that is uncross-able?

Tonight is the night these aforementioned questions will be answered.

Tonight is the night that a champion can likely be determined.

Enjoy it. I know I will be.


Enough is Enough..

I'm sick of the slobbering love-feast that occurs every time I have attempted to watch a Big 12 game this season. I'm sick of Brent giving Bobby the reach around and looking deep into his eyes every time that Sir Bobby thinks he has an epiphany that will change the basketball world.

I'm sick of the biggest malcontent in NCAA coaching history developing a "Holier than Thou" attitude in regards to any situation that happens on the basketball court. This is a guy who choked players, threw chairs, cussed media and had constant run-in's with fans on the Bloomington campus a the University of Indiana.

Does ESPN make us suffer through this ridiculousness just out of pure spite? Outside of Kansas fans, who doesn't feel the need to mute the verbal vomit that permeates from this duo's mouth during games? We've had petitions from Big 12 fans, constant complaints from fans of the game, and nothing is done?

Tell us ESPN, when will you take the opinions of your money-makers, your viewers, and actually make a decision that they will approve?

The Bobby Knight and Brent Mussberger tandem needs to be disbanded, and disbanded immediately. Will it happen? Doubtful.